Own, Operate and Finance target assets and companies in energy, infrastructure, and real assets including water and renewables.

Roxo is a private energy, water and infrastructure acquisition, production and development company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Rooted in financial awareness and flexibility, Roxo focuses on acquiring interests that are impacted by natural resources primarily in Texas. Utilizing technical and execution expertise and efficiency, Roxo targets proven economic areas and assets that allow accumulation and expansion of inventory to develop.

Maintain direct and fund-level ownership, Manage passive and active interests, and Utilize equity and debt financings across strategic industries.

Roxo is an alternative asset management and buyout resource. Looking to economically acquire and manage interests, Roxo strategically targets cash flowing assets and companies for investment and operations. The company’s focus is on interests that are impacted by water and consumer products.

Seek highly impactful Asset and Capital Level endeavors.