Own, Operate and Finance target assets and companies in energy, infrastructure, and real assets including water and renewables.

Roxo is a private energy, water and infrastructure acquisition, production and development company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Rooted in financial awareness and flexibility, Roxo focuses on acquiring interests that are impacted by natural resources primarily in Texas. Utilizing technical and execution expertise and efficiency, Roxo targets proven economic areas and assets that allow accumulation and expansion of inventory to develop.

Maintain direct and fund-level ownership, Manage passive and active interests, and Utilize equity and debt financings across strategic industries.

Roxo is an alternative asset management and buyout resource. Looking to economically acquire and manage interests, Roxo strategically targets cash flowing assets and companies for investment and operations. The company’s focus is on interests that are impacted by water and consumer products.

Seek highly impactful Asset and Capital Level endeavors.

Asset Level

Roxo is focused on natural resource and infrastructure energy assets including rights, minerals, land, pipeline, and science. Acquisition candidates have an aggregate of $10MM to $500MM+ in cash flow, upside value and development capital expectations. Acquisition and development activities are evaluated with a specific set of criteria, including operational, reservoir, geologic and financial expertise to capitalize on existing properties and cash flowing assets in proven areas. The primarily area of focus is Texas and the Permian Basin.

Roxo’s objective is to add value to acquisitions through lower-risk development and drilling opportunities, optimizing operations, and implementing technological advances.

The company evaluates opportunities in energy upstream and mineral assets; water rights, midstream, supply chain and recycling; and infrastructure upstream and midstream, with a focus on cash flowing assets and companies in areas of knowledge, need and activity. Our objective is to add value to our acquisitions through strategic opportunities, optimizing operations, and implementing technological advances.

Capital Level

Roxo is focused on natural resource, real asset, and consumer product interests that include passive and active investments in assets and operating companies. Active investment criteria include $1 to $50MM in EBITDA and up to $250MM in asset value. Interests are actionable and typically family owned and operated. Our objective is to add value to our investments through strategic, financial, operational, and relational resources.


Experienced, hands-on management team with a proven track record, along with the technical and tactical expertise necessary to implement its strategic initiatives.

Roxo’s management has demonstrated an ability to act creatively and decisively in response to changing industry dynamics. This vision has established a viable platform upon which the company can leverage its operational and industry knowledge to acquire and develop assets and companies, effectively growing revenue and increasing profitability. It is important for Roxo to generate sustainable cashflow and potential exit opportunities.

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Members of the management team have led significant acquisitions and development efforts in multiple areas, significantly increasing enterprise value and generating impressive gains. Roxo’s experience spans assets and fund-level management, including rollup multi-asset management.

Todd Fitzgerald – Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer
JW Wilson – Founding Partner and President
Eric Guy – Chief Financial Officer
Amanda Peeler– Controller
Kevin Donahue – Asset Manager and Legal
Rudy Weiser – Asset Manager
Jared Kesler – Land Manager
Branden Condit – Associate
Caroline Grace – Executive Assistant


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